The ENVIROBOT® Robotic Vehicle is the centerpoint of the most technologically advanced solution in the world for sweeping and removal of coatings on ships hulls.

Controlled with a wireless joystick, it glides effortlessly at speeds up to 30cm/sec(12in/sec).




  •  Clean surface – no salts;
  •  Dry surface;
  •  No oxidation;
  •  Possibility to begin painting process immediately;
  •  Capacity to achieve all standards;
  •  Capacity to combine two or more standards;
  •  Less need for cranes and scaffolding;
  •  Resource optimization;
  •  Complete effluent containment;
  •  Residue separation;
  •  No release of dusts into the atmosphere


  •  Reduced downtime for equipment rehabilitation;
  •  Hydrostripping with flash rust inhibitors;
  •  Complete effluent collection;
  •  Productivity up to 75m2 per hour with Standard WJ2/3;
  •  Environmentally friendly.



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