Chariot Robotics history

UltraStrip Systems, Inc. was incorporated in Florida on April 2, 1998 by Mr. Dennis E. McGuire, that had been developing apparatus and a methodology for removing coatings from the hulls of vessels using ultra-high pressure waterjetting since the early 1990s. Mr. McGuire obtained two U.S. patents in May 1997 and in December 1998, for a hydroblasting robotic system that was the predecessor of the first version of the ENVIROBOT®, the M2000.

In September 1999, UltraStrip Systems, Inc. entered into a Development Agreement with the NREC to develop technologies based on the Ultrastrip's original robotic coatings removal concept. Simultaneously, Ultrastrip executed the NASA Joint Sponsored Research Agreement for the Robotics Engineering Consortium and Articles of Collaboration, thus enabling NASA matching funding for project-related efforts at the NREC and a NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.


In 2000, the first version of the ENVIROBOT® was presented to the market.


In September 2007, Mr. McGuire sold all assets of UltraStrip Envirobotic Solutions, Inc. to a NYC Hedge Fund that changed the name of the company and created Chariot Robotics LLC.


In January 2008, Chariot Robotics Portugal based on Lisnave Shipyard, started the operation in Europe with the ENVIROBOT® system.



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